St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals are a big deal in St. Louis, and for good reason. The Redbirds are regularly competitive in the postseason, and St. Louisans are often named the best fans in baseball. (We were even gracious to the Cubs after they won the World Series.) Even if you aren’t a big baseball fan, going to a Cardinals game is a great way to hang out with friends, get a taste of St. Louis after moving here and unabashedly drink a frozen Raz-Ber-Rita. The MetroLink lightrail goes from the medical school campus right to Busch Stadium, and relatively cheap tickets are easy to come by. If the game of baseball itself doesn’t thrill you, head to Ballpark Village before, after or during the game. Located right next to the stadium, “BPV” has shops, restaurants, bars and live music, and it’s also open when the Cardinals aren’t playing. No matter where you are coming from, I encourage you to hop on the Cardinals bandwagon!
— Noah E., M1

M1s are introduced to the Cardinals while attending a game during orientation.

St. Louis Blues

Great fun for everyone involved! The Blues have been among hockey’s most successful franchises in recent years (especially if we pretend that hockey ends in March). With all of these victories, you’ll be shocked to learn that we’ve never won a Stanley Cup! Playoff jokes aside, Blues games offer something for everyone! Between the convenience of the MetroLink stop and the relatively cheap tickets for most games, Blues games are among the most accessible in the league. For the non-hockey fans out there: If you have never seen an NHL game in person, I truly cannot recommend it enough. Live hockey is fast-paced and exhilarating, and the sheer talent you can witness in the NHL is truly awe-inspiring. I have been a fan my entire life and still marvel at how absurdly good these guys are at skating. Additionally, watching a forward redirect a slap shot from the blue line never ceases to amaze me. Hockey fans can marvel at Ken Hitchcock’s clean, well-organized brand of cycling hockey. The environment is electric, your fellow fans are always hyped, and Vladimir Tarasenko is good for at least one highlight reel play a game. So go see a Blues game! Even if it is only to join 20,000 adults as they do our silly power-play dance.
— Nick S., M2

St. Louis is down one professional team (RIP Rams), but still has many options for sports lovers.