Rooster is an excellent spot for a low-key weekend brunch. The menu is mostly crepes, with large portions at a reasonable price. There are many vegetarian choices and the option of a gluten-free, vegan crepe shell. The Tower Grove location is closest to school and features abundant seating both indoor and outdoor. It has a funky, somewhat rustic atmosphere, with several long communal tables. I highly recommend taking your family there, and it is also great for dates or just brunch with friends. There is no bottomless drink option (besides coffee), but there are several great cocktails and beers if you choose to make your brunch boozy. If you plan on going during busy times, download the NoWait app to get a spot in line before you get to the restaurant, but it tends to move pretty quickly. A huge bonus is the coffee set out in the waiting area, so you can start caffeinating before you even get to your table.
— Curtis A., M1

Enjoy American dining at this popular breakfast-style restaurant in Tower Grove.

Southwest Diner

There are a number of amazing brunch places in St. Louis, but often what I find with brunch is that it can get a bit overly fancy and pricy. I love going to Southwest Diner because of its relaxed and quirky charm, affordability ($7-$10 for a meal), and unique twist on brunch food. I always take people who visit me here. Just a seven-minute drive from campus, this popular spot quickly gets packed on the weekends. However, the line never seems to take too long, perhaps because there is an air-conditioned/heated school bus parked in the back where you can grab free coffee while you wait. My favorite dish by far is the Rocket to Baconland with a side of sopapillas. The pancakes here are hearty and stick to your ribs, and may fill you before you get to your main dish. Also, they aren’t afraid to make their salsa spicy.
— Anna T., M1

Osage Cafe

Osage Café at Bowood Farms is a wonderful breakfast and lunch spot located at the site of an urban garden and plant shop. They serve delicious, organic food from a menu that changes seasonally, in addition to having great coffee and cocktails. The atmosphere is really relaxed, and you can browse in the shop while waiting for a table. If the weather is nice, sitting outside in the garden area is a must. Osage is a little out of the way for most medical students since it is located in more of a residential area rather than the main retail areas in the CWE, the Loop or downtown, but it is absolutely worth a visit!
— Devon C., M1