Rise Coffee

Rise Coffee House is located in the heart of The Grove, a neighborhood in St. Louis. It has amazing employees that promote awareness of issues around the St. Louis community, and it has amazing coffees, desserts and light meals! The décor is very chill and eclectic. The atmosphere is friendly, and it doesn’t get too loud. It has a huge amount of seating (plus outdoor seating in warm weather), both cozy and open, so it’s perfect for meeting a friend or for studying if you get tired of the library, carrels or home.
— Catherine X., M1

Coffee Cartel

Coffee Cartel is great for at least three reasons. First, it has a sick name. Second, awesome color scheme. Third, it’s open 24/7. Also, it’s located right in the middle of Central West End, so you’ll probably live right next to it. Combine that with a huuuuuge menu of, objectively, the most creative and literally the sweetest lattes you’ll ever see, and you’ve got a winner. Plus, Coffee Cartel also offers 20 kinds of ice cream, makes breakfast food on a little griddle (amongst other things), AND serves alcohol. I recommend the Monkey Mocha and the Grasshopper; both are awesome names for a latte and are fun to say. Also, the Monkey Mocha tastes good.
— Griffin P., M1

If cute, wood-carving decor and latte art is your coffee heaven, let Comet Coffee craftily brew
your next cup of Joe.

Comet Coffee

Comet Coffee is hidden in a little strip mall just south of Forest Park, but it is a gem. It’s a small coffee shop with very few tables, but it is bright and cheery. Comet uses fair-trade coffee, brewed to order every time (and you can pick from a bunch of different locations and roasts) and also has a great tea and espresso drink selection. Its boasting point, though, is the baked goods. The shop makes its own croissants, quiches, scones, muffins and more, fresh every day. Everything I have tried has been amazing! Even though it is a little off the beaten path, I highly recommend this shop.
— Kate D., M1