Food Trucks

Just steps outside of the Farrell Learning and Teaching Center, you will find the always surprising, consistently tantalizing food trucks! With options from tacos to Korean barbecue, burgers to Indian food, there is something for everyone. The trucks rotate throughout the week, so you’re always in for a surprise. When the weather is nice you can sit at the outdoor tables and enjoy your food accompanied by the wafting aromas of the nearby trucks. My favorite truck is K-Bop, which serves delicious bowls of Korean barbecue with your choice of sauces and meat (or tofu). The food trucks are an excellent (and quick) way to switch things up for lunch, and they are a great excuse to not eat leftover pizza for lunch. Try them out!
— Kate G., M1

Free Food

Ever since I was a child walking back and forth through the food court to get extra General Tso’s chicken samples, scavenging for free food has been a way of life. Something about food being free just makes it taste better. It’s a fact. Whenever someone tells you the secret ingredient was love, it’s a lie. The only reason their cookies taste good is because they gave them to you for free. And also because all cookies taste good, except oatmeal raisin. So, for me, walking around the campus here is like a magical experience. There are lunch talks, applicant pizza parties and breakfasts every single day of the week! Just yesterday,
I got out of Anatomy lab and I realized I forgot to bring lunch. Then I stumbled upon a lunch talk that had free Chick-fil-A! Right after that, I walked into another room that had leftover Chipotle burritos from their meeting. I ripped off the part of the label that said chicken and checked off the veggie box so no one would try to steal it … then I saved it for dinner! Plus, probably at least once a week there is some sort of evening banquet, presentation, or ceremony with a happy hour right here in the Farrell Learning and Teaching Center atrium. We are talkin’ mini crab cakes, cheese trays, the whole shebang … They even serve beer and wine! That’s what I call a study break.
— Griffin P., M1

Free food is everywhere in med school. The carrels are often overflowing with pizza.


Free coffee from Room 100 is nice and convenient, but at some point you likely will want something more substantive between classes or for that mid-afternoon pick-me-up. In those instances, head to Kaldi’s Coffee, located on the first floor of the FLTC. Open from 6:30 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday, Kaldi’s has a solid variety of coffee drinks, tea and pastries. In addition, you can get salads, sandwiches, breakfast burritos, oatmeal and soups. As a bonus, the staff is very friendly and their soundtrack choices are generally on-point. If, like me, you have turned Kaldi’s into an integral part of your weekly routine, don’t forget to start a punch card that pays off in a free coffee or latte. The nearby tables and sitting area also are popular spots to do work or relax with friends if you like hanging out in that coffee-shop atmosphere.
— Alex Y., M1