Olin Gym

The Olin Residence Hall gym is a great way to work out without having to spend money at a private fitness center or trek down to the Danforth campus. While not the largest facility, it has a great variety of machines and weights for whichever muscle group you are working on that day. On leg day, the Olin gym has the squat racks and accessory machines you need to make the four floors up to the Anatomy lab seem like nothing! As for being crowded, I’ve found that surprisingly few people use the gym before class. To make things even better, the whole gym is wired for Bluetooth, so if your fellow gym go-ers don’t mind, you can blast whatever Britney Spears song inspires you most. The weight room has lockers you can use to store your stuff while you crush personal records on the bench. Olin also boasts a delightful basketball court where you can hoop with your buddies whenever you want. The same court also is used for group yoga and other aerobic activities should you prefer that to lifting.
— Carl S., M1

Physical health is important! Work on your fitness with Olin’s basketball court, weight room and cardio machines.

Sumers Recreation Center

The Sumers Recreation Center is a great option for working out. It is the new gym on the Danforth Campus (opened fall of 2016), and it’s a short walk from the University City/Big Bend MetroLink station. The gym has a standard weight room with free weights and machines, a running track, a pool and a ton of cardio equipment. In addition, it also has racquetball, squash and basketball courts, with set times for open volleyball and badminton. (They also provide all the equipment you need.) Sumers offers really great and pretty frequent fitness classes, including black light cycling, barre, yoga and HIIT. (I personally recommend TRX Butts and Guts with Kristin.) And, as of right now, medical students do not have to pay to use the facility.
— Basia B., M1

The Sumers Rec Center just opened in the winter of 2016 and expands the many athletic programs available to WUSM students.