Becker Medical Library

Of all the study spaces available on the medical campus, my favorite is the Becker Medical Library. Why, you ask? Well, I like to think it has a little something for everyone. You want a dead-silent cubicle in a slightly-too-cold room with no chance of seeing any sign of human life? Look no further than the fourth floor of Becker. Is group study in a well lit, comfortably furnished room more your style? Then the second floor has just what you need. Are you sick and tired of reading the same, easy-to-find anatomy books that just about anyone can get their hands on? Sounds like the seventh floor collection of rare anatomy texts is the place for you. Finally, if you’re a fan of natural light, there is an area of the second floor where both the wall and the ceiling (which is six stories overhead) are totally glass! It’s awesome. All in all, Becker is a great place to go if you need to knock out a few hours of studying in a comfortable place on campus.
— Ryan F., M1

Study Carrels

The carrels are the perfect venue for on-campus studying, group work or hanging out with classmates.

In the main School of Medicine building, every student is assigned a carrel, which includes a desk with cabinets and a drawer, two outlets, a light above your desk, and your very own section of a bulletin board. The carrels are a convenient place to study and store your stuff on campus whenever you need them. Personally, I love the carrels. They’re a great place to buckle down and get work done if you’re looking to be productive; on the other hand, there’s also a social aspect not available when you study alone in your room. My brilliant and friendly classmates are around if I have a question or need a distraction. I’d argue I’ve made some of my best friends in the carrels. The carrels aren’t always the quietest of study spots, but the collaboration with my classmates there has resulted in the highest-yield studying I’ve ever done.
— Allie R., M1

Danforth Campus

Danforth Campus, most commonly referred to as the “undergrad campus,” is indeed home to many graduate school departments as well. (I completed a lab rotation at Danforth this past summer!) The campus is beautiful and looks like a massive castle. The library is great if you are looking for a spot to study off campus, and you can get class materials printed at a steep discount at the campus print store. Also, an incredible new campus gym recently opened! Delmar Loop, home to awesome restaurants, a bowling alley, movie theatre and much more, is nearby as well. The only downside is that parking is impossible on the campus, so I would recommend taking the MetroLink lightrail.
— Hannah B., M1

Room 100

There aren’t many things better than all-you-can-drink free coffee. Being from Seattle, I have a certain fondness for caffeine, so I was delighted to hear that WUSM offers free coffee and tea in Room 100! Even better, you get to chat with prospective applicants while you are filling up your cup of joe. On a good day, you might even be able to snag some candy other than a grape Jolly Rancher (it’s the least popular Jolly Rancher by far). I really enjoy talking with applicants between classes and sharing all the things I love about WUSM. Room 100 is a great study break and a fantastic way to stay caffeinated during exam weeks. They even offer herbal teas if you’re like me and need to caffeine-detox every once in a while.
— Kate G., M1